Walgreens 101


Walgreens also known to many as “Wags”


Unlike CVS and Rite Aid, Walgreens does not have a customer loyalty card that is needed to obtain the sale prices and special printed rewards.  Walgreens offers savings published in their weekly sales flyer.

Walgreens Weekly Sale Flyer Coupons

Walgreens has a weekly ad that runs Sunday to Saturday.  In this ad you will find coupons that are also known as Weekly Ad Coupons.  These coupons may be $/$ or $ for x number of items.  These coupons must be scanned after your items when checking out.  The sales prices will not be given simply for buying that item during the week of the sale.  I’ve even noticed at the store that not all items are marked on sale at the shelf either as you will just have to know that there is a weekly coupon in the ad for this item. You can combine manufacturer coupons with the weekly sale coupons at Walgreens for even greater savings.

An example of this program is Dawn dish detergent may be normally priced at $1.49 and on sale this week for $.99 in their weekly ad with coupon (also referred to as WQ).  There may be limitations imposed on the amount of items you may purchase per transaction as well to get this sale price.  Once you have your items rung up, you will need to present the WQ to receive the sale price on the item. A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN USING WQ, always make sure when combining WQ’s with MFR Q’s that you hand over the MFR Q’s first!  I learned this very quickly when shopping at Walgreens.  You will get GREATER savings by having your coupons scanned in this order.

Walgreens Monthly Coupon Booklet

Walgreens issues a special coupon booklet every month with Instant Value coupons inside that can be used towards the purchase of any qualifying item.  You will not have to turn in these coupons so you can keep them in the booklet and have them for your next shopping trip.  These coupons can not be used with other Walgreens coupons (as those listed in the weekly ad) per the Walgreens Coupon Policy which states that you can only use (1) Walgreens coupon per item purchased.  **these coupons state manufacturer coupon but when using them from the monthly booklet Wags treats them as WQs**  The coupons in these booklets are valid for the month that they are issued.  (Ex: March 2011 coupon booklet coupons expire March 31, 2011)

Special Inserts / Flyers & Coupon Booklets

Walgreens often issues different booklets that have more instant value coupons inside.  These booklets can be found at the cosmetics counter, pharmacy and sometimes hanging from the shelves of different departments in the store.  The same standards apply as the monthly coupon book for redemption and usage.  Expiration dates will vary depending on each of the coupons so take note to these when you find them!

Register Rewards

Register Rewards (RR) are issued on a Catalina machine that will print off a machine beside the receipts for certain amounts off your next purchase this is the trademark coupon that can be received for making purchases at Wags.  RR are manufacturer coupons that will be printed and are mostly $x off your next purchase compliments of the manufacturer.

  • Register Rewards will only be earned once per offer per transaction.
    • This means if you are purchasing an item that will print a RR, you will only receive one per transaction (completed purchase).
      • You CAN earn more than one RR per transaction for DIFFERENT items.
  • You can NOT roll RR.
    • This means if you purchase 1 item (ex. Chapstick) that will give you back $2RR after purchase, on your next transaction if you purchase the same Chapstick and pay using the 1st RR, another RR will not print for you.
    • To “roll” you RR you will have to purchase unlike products in different transactions to receive other RR from the opposing deals.
      • You can continue in this fashion to obtain more RR and continue to get more items.  This will cause having more transactions – but it works!
  • RR have an expiration date of 2 weeks from the time they are issued.  You will need to keep track of when your RR expire.
  • There are exclusions on what you can purchase with RR on your next transactions (examples include Dairy, Cigs, Lotto, etc.)
  • RR can be stacked with WQs to obtain the best savings on the items you are purchasing.
  • There are monthly Register Reward deals that will be announced that are not always advertised all month long.

I have had many mixed experiences with RR at Wags.  Sometimes the RR don’t print at all and it’s no fault of the consumer it’s an issue with the catalina machine and unless you get a great manager, things aren’t always easily resolved.  RR don’t print if you are purchasing OTHER items from the same manufacturer that qualify for RR when using your RR to pay.  And even at times, some MFR coupons are coded that when you use them to purchase goods, it will do something to the system that your RR won’t print although you’re not paying with RR for the purchase.  I’ll try to keep things best posted for goods and when issues are going on with certain RR deals.



Info to (Know)…. &  Remember!

  • There is a limit of coupons you can use at Walgreens depending on the amount of items purchased.
    • If you are purchasing 3 items, you can only use 3 MQ’s (WQ’s do not count as coupons as they are considered instant savings) RR will count in your coupon total as they are MFR Q’s.
  • You will not receive RR on items that are being paid with RR from the same Manufacturer
    • If you have earned a $5 RR from Proctor & Gamble in a previous purchase and are purchasing an item that qualifies for RR on the current transaction THEY WILL NOT PRINT.
  • When using “filler” items make sure that you have a list of the weekly deals that have the least expensive items without having to use MFR Q’s to get your total spend down.

When paying for your transaction which should be preplanned out it is best to pay with your RR first, then use MQ, and lastly WQs.


Do you have any tips you’d like to add about shopping at Walgreens?  Feel free to add your tips in the comment section below!