Target 101

There are many ways to save at Target!  One of the best features of shopping at Target is their coupon stacking that is allowed within the Target Coupon Policy. Target releases their own coupons on their web page that can be stacked with Manufacturer Coupons for optimal savings.  Paired with sales and clearances you will soon begin to love Target as much as I have over the past few years.

Printable Target Coupons :: Keep Up to Date on all the latest printable Target coupons as they are updated regularly!

But these aren’t the only ways to save.  You can also apply for a Target Red Card (I would recommend debit as there are no fees and it pulls from your checking account rather than to be used as a credit card) and save 5% immediately on every purchase when you use your Red Card.  When using your Red Card to pay for your prescriptions after every 5th one you’ll earn an additional 5% day savings pass as well from Pharmacy Rewards.

Target releases Mobile Coupons directly to your cell phone provider as well.  Target Mobile Coupons is where you start the process to begin receiving text coupons. (Standard messaging rates apply) You must have an internet capable phone so you can show the bar code for the coupon at the time of checkout to be scanned.  Text “offers” to 827438 if you ever delete your text from Target with the coupons!

Save $.05 with every re-usable bag that you take along to the store with you and use.  Hey, even $.05 adds up!

Home Mailer Coupons ~ although it has not been determined how to get on Target’s mailing list you also have to watch out for inserts and flyers being sent in the mail, these can often have money saving coupons enclosed as well!

(unofficial ) Target Mark Down Schedule per employees:

  • Monday: Electronics, kids clothing and stationary (cards, gift wrap, etc.)
  • Tuesday: Domestics, women’s clothing, pets and market (food items)
  • Wednesday: Men’s clothing, toys, health and beauty, lawn and garden items
  • Thursday: Housewares, lingerie, shoes, sporting goods, movies, music, books, decor and luggage
  • Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry

Typical Holiday Mark Down Schedule (remember every store can vary by region and clearance schedule):

  • 50% off day after holiday for three days
  • 75% off fourth day after holiday for three days
  • 90% off seventh day