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Rite Aid's Corporate Site

Shopping at Rite Aid – 101


There’s a lot to know when it comes to shopping at Rite Aid, because there’s SO MANY WAYS TO SAVE!!! Rite Aid is one of the EASIEST places to shop and learn quickly to be able to pick up good buys and free stuff!  Don’t let the information overwhelm you.  Take it one step at a time, and start shopping!

Step 1 Get a Wellness+ Card:


Save up to 20% with the free wellness+ rewards card

Rite Aid released their wellness+SMrewards card in 2010 . You can sign up for your own card in store or online at RiteAid.com either way, whenever you register make sure you register your card with your saving email address so you can get any emails with promotions and coupons that Rite Aid may be sending you.  Using the wellness+card keeps track of all purchases you’ve made with different promotions taking place at Rite Aid.  When you sign up you automatically get a coupon for $5 off $25 purchase! {Awesome!}




Earn one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases.         Earn 25 points for every prescription you purchase.

plus for every 125 points a one-time, 10% off shopping pass2
silver + 500 points 10% off all non-prescription purchases every day3
free health screenings4
gold + 1,000 points 20% off all non-prescription points purchases every day3
*All members are enrolled at the plus level and can earn their way to silver+ and gold+. For every 125 points up to 375.

It’s super easy to keep track of your member level once logging on to your account online.

Single Check Rebates  

The Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program is a simple way to once a month collect money back in the form of a check as you would with a typical rebate program.  But the term “single check” means that you will submit all the rebates for the qualifying period that you have and request only one check per period.  This means, you will need to not submit the rebate for that period until you have collected all the rebates you anticipate on earning for that check.  (A period is typically one month.)  You will need to sign up for SCR





+UP Rewards

+UP rewards is Rite Aid’s program for money back after purchasing a qualifying item and it’s like getting cash back for your next purchase on your receipt. 


Depending on the UPR you may be able to roll them on your next purchase (meaning you can purchase more items of the like paying for them with a previously earned UPR on the same item) You must have your wellness+ card scanned by the cashier before making your purchases to have your UPR printing at the bottom of the receipt.  You may use them to pay for almost anything you purchase in the future after getting the sale prices and using MFR Q’s (exceptions including prescriptions, prescription co-pays, cigarettes, alcohol, gift cards, online purchases, lottery tickets, licenses, money orders, money transfers, prepaid cards, stamps, other mail services and items prohibited by law).   You can use your UPR to pay for purchases totaling the amount of the UPR LESS SALES TAX. The program will not allow you to use a $2 UPS on a $1.99 purchase so make sure you are watching the register and you know your subtotal before handing over your UPRs to pay for your purchase.

Video Values

Video Values are Rite Aid’s in-store coupons.  To obtain Video Value coupons you must register for a Video Value account with adPerk.  Each month Rite Aid releases new VV coupons and videos to watch to obtain coupons.  Usually the program works for a certain time period (monthly) and then the coupons are valid until sometime the following month.  You will need to watch the expiration date on the coupons to make sure that they are valid before using in store on purchases.  Depending on the videos you watch will determine the coupons you earn.  There are also BONUS VV coupons that you can earn for certain programs that Rite Aid is running at that time.  You may earn different valued coupons such as $4/$20 purchase for watching a certain number of videos.  These coupons can be used on any purchase rather than the standard VV coupons that are only good for certain items.   Videos offered for the typical period are only available to be watched during that period and printed at that time.  It is best to watch all the videos and print out those coupons before the month is over so you will have them for the next month that they are still valid on items.

Video Value coupons can be combined with sale prices and used in conjunction with MFR coupons as well for even deeper savings.


Special Promotions

Rite Aid also offers special promotions from time to time for even more savings.  These programs can include offering money back coupons when making certain purchases for money off your next trip in the form of more coupons.  A recent example of this program was offered in February 2011 called the Winter Reward Program where there were hundreds of items that could be purchased as qualifying items to count towards a cumulative total of $100.  Once you reached the $100 mark (pre-coupons) you earned a $20 coupon back toward your next purchase of $20.  SWEET savings!  I will keep you notified with reminders of what programs are being offered and reminders before they expire.


Have any updates or tips you’d like to share? Please add them to the comments section of the page!