Frequently Asked Questions for MLC.com


What do all the things I’m seeing mean? $1/1 – YMMV – BOGO – RR??


Where do I get coupons? Are they on the internet? Do I have to subscribe to the paper?


I’ve never been good with organizing my coupons, I can’t find a system that works for me?!


I’m having trouble understanding store policies and shopping at different places, do you have advice?


There’s SO many deals everyday, I can’t keep up!!  Is there a way to see your site simplified?

  • Check out the SUBSCRIBE page for MLC.  This will allow you to get a daily email of everything posted in the past 24 hours.


I found a REALLY good deal worth sharing! How can I do this through your site?

  • Check out my CONTACT INFORMATION page!  (there’s even a simple form to fill out for GREAT deals!)


Still can’t find your answer? Contact me and I’ll see if I can help you more directly!