Washington Post 59c {Sunday Only} Delivery to Home ((Still LIVE?))


As previous posted the Washington Post was running a special for $.59/ Sunday Paper for in home delivery!  I double checked this offer this morning and the offer is still on their website with the 03/26 (offer valid through date) but when calling the Washington Post customer service center they did state that this offer is still valid.  Here is where I found the Washington Post for ONLY $.59 / Sunday paper when agreeing to 26 weeks at this rate! This is 76% savings !!! May be worth a try if you have not currently been subscribing to the post as well as if you're looking to cut down your Sunday paper expense!  Even if you qualify for the $.99 Sunday paper offer this is still 60% savings! NOTE:  I have personally found in MY AREA that the Winchester Star, Martinsburg Journal, NV Daily and Washington Post ALL carry different inserts ( Sat / Sun insert comparisons)  The coupons may sometimes be the same and sometimes they differ.  I see the Washington Post carrying MORE coupons than the others ones, including the Red Plum insert & P&G.  {{this is my personal opinion and not of that based on the newspapers stated!}}  I have NOT been compensated for advertising this - just looking out for MORE savings on getting you the BEST coupon inserts!