Final *Flash Giveaway* 11x14 Canvas People Canvas 8-10pm EST Tonight!

Must Love Coupons is always letting you know about the AWESOME sales that the Canvas People are having and since we always receive SUCH great feedback from it we figured we'd purchase a few vouchers and give them away for the rest of the week!

So now you have a chance to win an 11 x 14 Photo Canvas!

This also includes FREE shipping! We will be hosting a FLASH giveaway on our site every night (Tuesday - Friday) this week from 8pm - 10pm EST for you to have a chance to win one of these vouchers! You are MORE than welcome to try for it every day! Just come back and fill out the Rafflecopter entry form after the contest starts and check back to see if you won! It's that easy!

RafflecopterSettings = { raffleID: 'MmY2ZGM4MWM5OTdlZTJjMTI1OWRmYzcwMDJlZTFiOjE5' };

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