Couponing 101

A lot may have changed since your grandmother went couponing.  Then again, you may have been couponing since the dawn of time and everything is working out for you just fine.  I'm here to give you tips of wonderful information so that you can start maximizing your coupons and using them to save you and your family more!  And in some cases, start MAKING you money!

Where to Begin?

If you are new to using coupons, you've found yourself at exactly the right place to start for learning more!  There's a few things to know when you start couponing and using MLC's site to get you more.

Start off by learning the Lingo this will help you when reading my blog as well as the weekly match-ups for store ads and special deals!

There are tons on places you can obtain coupons - here's MLC's suggestions for where to find coupons

Taking it One Step at a Time!

I would suggest learning one store's coupon policy at a time.  There are many different policies at different stores and jumping right into all of them on your first day of shopping will not only be stressful but I can bet that you won't obtain the maximum savings that you could if you knew how each store's policies work.  If there's a store that's closer to you than the others, start with using some coupons there.  Gaining the confidence in using coupons there will ultimately help you when you go to other stores because you'll already know what to expect in general when using coupons.  And this of course is all being said, as I ever store can sometimes create their own challenges, regardless if it's the same name just in a different part of town.  Not everything goes smoothly and that's why I would suggest whenever going to a store and using coupons make sure you have their coupon policy in hand when shopping.  This can help alleviate any issues you may face when checking out.

Under each store category I've linked the store's coupon policy and corporate contact information for your reference!  Also, when available the Store 101 page is being updated with all the tips and trades of each store as well.

Once You've Begun; Organization is KEY.

Not only having your self organized when entering a store will help you but when you come home, being organized will also save you money in the long run.  You must know what coupons you have to get the best deal, and you should know what stuff you already have in your stockpile to help you save money in the long run from letting things go to waste as well as overstocking.  Check out my Organize Page to find more tips of organizing your coupons and stockpiles!

When to Save & When To Stock?

Many people will have a coupon on hand, see the item it's for and buy it.  No second thoughts about it!  This is a definite NO-NO to a couponer! 

  • If the item is not on sale; DO NOT USE THE COUPON! (unless a MUST. but this is the #1 no-no!)
  • If you have enough at home and it's not a stock pile price; DO NOT BUY IT!
  • If you don't need it and you can't donate it, don't spend money on something just because you have a coupon!

Learn more about when to buy and when to save at my Stock & Save page.